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Wrist to Forehead Run

Sometimes in the middle of a run, I flash on Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein. It is the scene where he makes the momentous decision to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. He sits bolt upright and stares at the audience with the eyes of a madman.


I said those words to myself on Sunday, towards the end of my Wrist to Forehead Run. I had been determined to run, not blow it off for two weeks like I did after I ran on April 12. For one thing, my Saturday run had gone so well (perhaps you read my blog post about it), I feel I could be forgiven for thinking “I got this.”

Of course I didn’t “got this.” Every step of Sunday’s run was an effort. When it started out that way, I thought, I just need to get warmed up; it’ll get easier. A block and a half later, I thought, if I write about this I can call it “Wrist to Forehead Run.” That amused me as I pictured myself running along, the back of one wrist on my forehead, the other arm flung back in a dramatic gesture.

“Woe is me!”

That’s a good trick for a runner: think of something amusing and distract yourself from how much running can suck. Of course running does not always suck. If it did, I would find another fitness activity. And there are rewards to running, even when it does suck. For example, silly mental images which are amusing. The ability to write a blog post about it. And never discount the satisfaction of being able to say, “I did it anyways.”


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