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At Least I’m Over 200 Words

Other bloggers would just stop posting on Sunday at all. But what fun is that?

I have had a real Wrist to Forehead Sunday today. I got one thing accomplished: I went to the supermarket. Then I didn’t put the groceries away for at least an hour, because I forgot. Luckily it was not warm enough for the milk to spoil. So this unseasonably cold spring is not completely bad, I suppose. I finished reading the book my friend at work loaned me (which may form the subject of a future blog post) (Preview of Coming Attractions). I must say, a very well-written, absorbing book, but not exactly a feel-good book. I could have used a feel-good book.

One of the things that saved me is that I started to page through an older notebook, largely to ascertain if there was a number of blank pages I could utilize. I saw some stuff I wrote in 2010-2011, when I was in the depths of despair. Wow, I thought, I am in a much better place now than I was then.

If I was really self-absorbed, I would type in a couple of those pages for your edification. I gotta say, though, I like my own writing, but this was not particularly entertaining. So I’ll spare you.

I’ll spare you all of it. I’m over 200 words. I say Happy Sunday, carry on with whatever you were doing, and I hope to see you on Middle-aged Musings Monday.


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  1. Love your post lok


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