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I Play the Ponies

There was a horse race last Saturday that I guess was kind of a big deal. Just kidding; I know what the Kentucky Derby is. Fancy hats and mint juleps. And people who never bet on races sometimes venture a small wager.

Steven usually takes care of these things (it’s not gender-based; he’s just more of a gambler than I am). However, he had to work, and he really wanted to have a bet down, so I offered to go to OTB for him.

At first I thought I would pop in before going to Little Falls (I was going to an exhibit opening at Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, which may form the topic of another blog post) (preview of coming attractions). What a line! I would do it later. As I drove away I cursed myself for being silly. Obviously the line would only get longer as post time got closer.

It actually wasn’t too bad. I had taken the precaution of stopping on my way back from Little Falls to use the Ladies Room, so I was not worried.

“Is this the end of the line?” I asked. “Was I supposed to fill anything out? I’m new at this.”

The lady in front of me in line was very nice and explained things to me. The two ladies who got in line behind me were nice too, so we all had a pleasant time chatting as we waited in line. Really, waiting in line is not the worst thing that could happen.

Steven had selected his horse based on the name he liked best. He had told me to put down $5 to show. that way if the horse finished first, second or third we would win something. After talking to my new friends, I decided instead to put $6 across the board. That is, $2 to win, $2 to place, $2 to show. I felt pleased to learn something new.

Steven arrived home from work just in time to see the horses run. Our horse was unplaced. A fellow at work who gambles all the time said he could have told me that horse wouldn’t win, citing several reasons. I suppose he would know. On the other hand, I don’t see him showing up for work in a limo, so I’m thinking the races are not really that predictable.

It was fun and something different to place a bet and watch a horse race. I don’t imagine I will fall prey to a gambling addiction, but naturally I will watch out for such a thing. I think I would enjoy more to see a horse race live, although I am more likely to venture to Vernon Downs or Saratoga before going all the way to Kentucky. If I watch the Kentucky Derby next year, I’ll have a few friends over. I’ll serve mint juleps and wear a fancy hat.


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  1. So who did you bet on? I put 3 down on California Chrome and won.

    • Vicar’s In Trouble. I confess to feeling a little self-conscious to say so in the post because of my co-worker heaping scorn on his chances. Congratulations on your win.


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