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I Should Have Run in my Head

Holy Crap, it’s only Tuesday.

That isn’t what I had been going to lead with, but it popped into my head and I thought it was so catchy I wanted to use it. This is, in fact, running commentary. I came home from work and ran. Now I’m going to write about it.

It was perfect running temperature, not too warm not too cold. Spandex shorts and a loose t-shirt, my favorite running outfit. I put on a headband but did not feel I really needed it to cover my ears. Still, the wind could pick up. I was on my way.

And right away it wasn’t much fun. I wasn’t too worried. I probably just needed to warm up. I ran toward German Street and debated right or left. Right the sun would be in my eyes. Left often has more traffic. Right I could go to Caroline, then down Caroline, up Margaret, down Henry. Very straightforward. That suited me.

The sun wasn’t too bad; it was high enough in the sky to not be right in my eyes. I sure do love May and June. As I ran, I contemplated the names of the streets. I may write a book and name the main characters Caroline, Margaret and Henry. I had previously thought of using town names for a book. Vernon and Hamilton have always been favorites of mine. As I ran, I thought I would amuse myself by thinking of what other towns to use.

Of course I couldn’t think of any. Silly me. I kept running and waited for it to get easier. When I was at work, I had thought about the evening’s run, psyching myself up so I wouldn’t talk myself out of it. I thought about how in my head I am loping along like a gazelle while in reality I am shuffling along like a middle-aged fat lady. I realized that was not happening today. In my head, I was shuffling along like a middle-aged fat lady. I thought, oh no! If I look that bad in my head, how ridiculous I must look to other people! I comforted myself with the thought that people are notoriously unobservant. They have problems of their own to think about. I ran on.

And it continued to suck. I persevered as best I could and managed 22 minutes. Less than my previous times, but still over 20 minutes. With a walk around the block for a cool down, I got in over a half hour of exercise. My weight loss goals may be within reach.

Incidentally, toward the end of my run, I suddenly thought, Kirkland! You know, a town that could be used as a name? I actually met a Kirkland once. Then the next time I saw him, I could only remember that his name was the name of a town near Utica. He wasn’t best pleased when I called him Washington Mills.

Ooh, and I just now remembered Clinton.


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