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So here I sit, my unwritten Blog Post hanging over my head. One could argue it is a Wrist to Forehead situation. How appropriate for Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

I had a few Mohawk Valley adventures on Saturday. I hope to write about them in the coming week. Today I am up to neither having more adventures nor writing about the ones I have had. I tried to watch two different old movies I thought might be cheesy and therefore suitable for a blog post. Well, I never thought I would write about either of them TODAY, so I don’t even know why I brought them up.

Oh let’s face it, I knew that on Sunday what I really like to do is just hang out with my husband and write some foolish bit of nonsense in the blog just to say I posted something.

But I do like to feel I have said something at least mildly entertaining. Hmmmm… nothing comes to mind.

I read today on Facebook that an FBF (Facebook Friend) of mine took a quiz that said she should be a writer. Unfortunately, she said, she lacked the “discipline.” I made a comment that discipline had nothing to do in the matter. That sounds like a ripe topic of half-baked philosophy I could pursue on Lame Post Friday. Doesn’t that give us something to look forward to?

For today, I’m afraid this nonsense will have to do.

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