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Blog Post to Nowhere

I think I can just about manage a Tired Tuesday Post. But no promises. How pathetic am I? Well, I will try not to whine too much. The fact that I am tired but attempting to blog ought to encourage me; on previous tired evenings, I have just said to heck with it and gone to bed. And I haven’t always said “heck.”

Hmm…. It seems no words are forthcoming. I am in my bed pecking away at my Tablet. I knew when I headed up the stairs that I had little idea what to post about. I trusted my meager brain to come up with something. Regular readers know, as I do, that sometimes it does.

I have been trying to write more during the day, before work, on breaks, even after work. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes not so much. Sometimes all I can do is reach for my puzzle book and work on a cryptogram puzzle. Sometimes all three things happen in rapid succession.

Some writers do not find writing to be so mysterious. They just sit down and write. I am tempted to ask their secret but on reflection, I fear they do not know what it is themselves. They would probably give me a scornful lecture on discipline and recommend me not to be such a lazy, whiny baby. I don’t need that; I can beat myself up, thank you.

Where was I going with this? I guess I was just hoping to reach 200 words, and I have. Thank you for bearing with me.

Late, Lame, but Not Lean

Yesterday I took a real Blogger’s Sick Day.  Judge me if you like, but one can only do so many things when one has a migraine.  Determination will only take you so far.  I was going to say “discipline,” but we all know I am notoriously undisciplined, while nobody refutes that I have a marvelously thick skull.  Maybe that’s my problem with all the headaches.

Just to throw this in there:  I AM doing something about the headaches.  I shall not elaborate on what, because, you know, HIPAA and all that.

Last night I felt incapable of even Lame Post Friday. How unlike me.  It was the last day of work before what I will call Christmas shut-down. I rather thought more people would be feeling more giddy, myself included.  I knew I should have brought cookies.  There is nothing like home-baked cookies to spread the Christmas spirit, as well as to add to the hip-spread of people who really need no help in that direction, myself included.

Yes, I have been sadly aware that this is a HUGE time of year for getting, well, huge.  I knew it was coming; the calendar is remarkably predictable each year, and I have been around quite a number of years.  So did I prepare by dropping a few pounds ahead of time (yes, I KNOW yo-yo dieting is a terrible thing; I’m only talking about five pounds, is that such a problem?)?  Of course not!  I’m still trying to drop the few pounds I put on last Christmas!

So this is my Friday Lame Post:  a late lament about my weight.  I believe that is sufficiently lame, yet universal enough that I hope some people are at least mildly entertained.  For those of you who are not so plagued by those pounds (either by not putting them on or not caring if you do), you may bask in the glow of superiority.   We’ll call that just another service I provide.


I Posted Something

So here I sit, my unwritten Blog Post hanging over my head. One could argue it is a Wrist to Forehead situation. How appropriate for Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

I had a few Mohawk Valley adventures on Saturday. I hope to write about them in the coming week. Today I am up to neither having more adventures nor writing about the ones I have had. I tried to watch two different old movies I thought might be cheesy and therefore suitable for a blog post. Well, I never thought I would write about either of them TODAY, so I don’t even know why I brought them up.

Oh let’s face it, I knew that on Sunday what I really like to do is just hang out with my husband and write some foolish bit of nonsense in the blog just to say I posted something.

But I do like to feel I have said something at least mildly entertaining. Hmmmm… nothing comes to mind.

I read today on Facebook that an FBF (Facebook Friend) of mine took a quiz that said she should be a writer. Unfortunately, she said, she lacked the “discipline.” I made a comment that discipline had nothing to do in the matter. That sounds like a ripe topic of half-baked philosophy I could pursue on Lame Post Friday. Doesn’t that give us something to look forward to?

For today, I’m afraid this nonsense will have to do.