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Blog Post to Nowhere

I think I can just about manage a Tired Tuesday Post. But no promises. How pathetic am I? Well, I will try not to whine too much. The fact that I am tired but attempting to blog ought to encourage me; on previous tired evenings, I have just said to heck with it and gone to bed. And I haven’t always said “heck.”

Hmm…. It seems no words are forthcoming. I am in my bed pecking away at my Tablet. I knew when I headed up the stairs that I had little idea what to post about. I trusted my meager brain to come up with something. Regular readers know, as I do, that sometimes it does.

I have been trying to write more during the day, before work, on breaks, even after work. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes not so much. Sometimes all I can do is reach for my puzzle book and work on a cryptogram puzzle. Sometimes all three things happen in rapid succession.

Some writers do not find writing to be so mysterious. They just sit down and write. I am tempted to ask their secret but on reflection, I fear they do not know what it is themselves. They would probably give me a scornful lecture on discipline and recommend me not to be such a lazy, whiny baby. I don’t need that; I can beat myself up, thank you.

Where was I going with this? I guess I was just hoping to reach 200 words, and I have. Thank you for bearing with me.


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  1. I can’t see serious writers telling you not to be a whiny baby. I don’t plan my Posts out, I just write what happens or comes to me in order to keep it True Life.

    • I guess I would just think they were calling me a whiny baby when they were really just telling me their technique. I could write a whole blog post about they said this, I heard that.


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