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I Finished the Book, By the Way

When I impulsively put the leash on Tabby and set out for a walk, I thought I had solved my blogging problem for the day: I could do a Pedestrian Post. As I sit here in front of the keyboard, I realize I still have to write something. As we tramped through the snow, Tabby stopping to sniff at every remotely yellow patch, I was narrating in my head. Now I can’t seem to remember any of the good stuff. If there was any.

Oh, but it did feel good to walk, when the wind wasn’t piercingly cold against us. I could tell Tabby felt good about it as she trotted along eagerly in between sniffing sessions. I kept a close eye on her for signs of shivering or limping. She seemed quite happy, and I kept the walk on the short side.

I was sad to walk by two houses that I know have lovely front yard gardens. They have the same mounds of snow everybody else has now. I was happy to note that the sidewalk plow has been busy. Of course that leaves a bit of snow behind, but a little more effort in a walk is a good thing when you are walking, as we were, for entertainment and exercise.

Most of us are longing for spring. Green grass, warm breezes, flowers. Even allergies seem better than the runny nose engendered by cold air (we’ll see how much better it seems when it gets here). I don’t want to bemoan my fate and add to the chorus of complaints. I’m grateful that I went for a walk today. I look forward to being more grateful yet, especially when I write a blog post about the first crocuses I see.

Now if I can only think of a good title for this post, we can call it Non-Sequitur Thursday.

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