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I Pause in Doing Chores to Write…

Sometimes when you feel depressed, if you do a chore, and it makes you feel better. Sometimes it does not, but at least you got a chore taken care of. So you really have nothing to lose by doing the damn chore. No, making my blog post is not the chore I am thinking of. My blog is not a chore to me, I LIKE writing my blog, even when I can’t think up much to say.

The fact is, I am feeling down and have been for a while. I have mentioned that I suffer from depression. I don’t like to talk about it much, because I don’t want people to think I am looking for attention or trying to get out of doing things or — horror of horrors — just whining. Oh, well, I guess sometimes I am whining, don’t judge. But then I feel it might be good to mention it, in case somebody else might be feeling the same way. After all, a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved; a joy shared is a joy doubled.

I think a lot of us are feeling the winter blues. In addition to the well-documented Seasonal Affective Disorder, some of us have been trapped in the house when we want to get out and about. I mean, there is no point in taking your life in your hands on icy roads if you don’t have to. Or maybe you’ve spent so much time and energy shoveling and snowblowing you’re too tired to do anything (but if you have a working snowblower, color me envious!).

For me, the lack of exercise is getting to me big time. I’ve taken my lovely dog Tabby for a couple of walks the last few days, watching carefully that her paws do not become snow-encrusted (must get her a pair of those doggy booties all the well-dressed canines are wearing). I shoveled this morning, which I believe does count as exercise. I know, there are any number of exercises I can do in the house, no matter what the weather. Sometimes I actually do them. Sometimes I just incorporate more movement than strictly necessary into my chores. That can be fun. Full disclosure: sometimes I neither exercise nor do chores. Don’t judge.

If you are wondering what the point of this post is, I guess there isn’t one. However it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday. And expressing myself in my blog has made me feel better. Now I wonder if I shouldn’t do a few real chores…

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  1. Well said. This has been a brutal winter, which doesn’t help. I like your attitude toward depression. And yes, shoveling is indeed exercise (I believe in the power of endorphins). And some days, it’s OK to forget the chores and do absolutely nothing!

    • Thank you. I do need to make a greater effort to get more exercise, because endorphins are not a myth! I’ve been telling many people I WILL begin running again this week, giving myself a deadline but not a high pressure one, I hope. Today I believe I have struck a balance between getting a few chores done and enjoying some nothing time. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I take half or your depression and … well, I live in Syracuse, as I’ve shared, so no spring joy just yet to double with you MVG. I shovel for a plus. I walk Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle for a plus. I walk around cavernous Destiny USA but do not add extra movements to any chores in the Little Bitty of my dear wife Karen and I, a push. So we are on equal ground. Some winter. We’ll be fine, all of us up here, including my real-life buddy McKeever. I feel a bloggers meeting coming on, MVG. That could help all of us, significant others included. 🙂 What say you?

    • I’m thinking a bloggers meeting could make for an excellent blog post. The weather here has taken a turn for the better, but it’ll take a lot of 40 degree days to get rid of all this white stuff. No matter, one day it WILL be gone, and my husband will lament the necessity to mow the lawn.

      • I am not going to complain about mowing our lawn until the temperature soars above … 80, MVG. Let’s do that bloggers meeting when the weather warms, too.

      • Steven will probably not complain too much either. I’ll try not to complain about anything up to and including 80, but I do tend to melt into a pathetic puddle under extreme heat. I’ll probably write another blog post about it.

      • Write away, MVG. That’s what we do, no matter the time or temperature.

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