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Damned at the Desktop

This is much better.

Just a little computer problem over here.  It is frustrating, because I wrote a blog post earlier today.  I think I even ended it with a little self-congratulation on not indulging in Non-Sequitur Thursday.  It was when I began to type it into WordPress that the trouble started.

I was, as usual these days, on our little Acer Netbook, a handy device given to us by my dear sister, Victoria.  It is a well-known fact that I am not technologically inclined and any device invented in this century mystifies me.  In other words, I don’t know what I did, but I messed it up.  The Acer is still working fine, but my WordPress account is suddenly in teeny-weeny, itty-bitty, minute, miniscule (I’m doing this without a thesaurus by the way) printing.  I can’t even read it properly with my glasses off (I am extremely near-sighted: me with my glasses off is the same as a normal person with a magnifying glass, as long as I hold whatever I’m looking at close enough) (that may be the only time ever that you see the phrase “the same as a normal person” referring to me).

Where was I?

Well, where I AM is upstairs on my desktop, which is for a change and perhaps only for the moment, behaving itself.  Why am I not finishing typing in what I started downstairs?  You know, that is a very good question.

The fact is, I am having a bit of a mental/emotional/physical problem lately.  I don’t mean to complain about my ills (I know, I know, for not meaning to I do an awful lot of it), but I am having the damnedest time DOING anything.  Even taking a shower required great effort and self-motivation.  Laugh, point and judge all you want.  The fact is, as soon as I said to myself, “Oh just have a Non-Sequitur Thursday and be done with it,” I felt a great lightening of spirit.

I’ll use that other post tomorrow, when I bet Steven will have figured out how to fix my WordPress.  Or perhaps this desktop will continue to behave.  I do love a full-size keyboard.  If only I could think of a snappy headline for today’s post, my life would be perfect.



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  1. Sounds like you accidentally took the zoom level way out. Most browsers define the shortcut for this as pressing Control and either using the mouse wheel or pressing – or + keys. Most browsers also have the option to set the zoom in a one-click dropdown menu (for Chrome and Edge, the menu is in the top-right of the window below the “x” for closing the window).

    Sorry to hear of your motivational difficulties; sounds familiarly like depression. Here’s hoping it gets better for you.

    • Thank you, thank you! I can read my WordPress again! Regarding the other, I do struggle with depression. I know some things to make it better, but now I must work up the motivation to implement them. Being able to read my computer again certainly helps!

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