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But Was I Aged in Oak?

When Steven and I are in Rome, NY, we generally eat at Chez Mom and Dad.  the food is excellent and the company unparalleled.  the last time we were in town, however, Mom and Dad were not,  so we decided to check out Teddy’s on Black River Boulevard (“The Boulevard” to Romans).

When we lived in Rome for a brief period in the ’90s, I liked to go to Teddy’s for lunch.  As we walked in, the whole place looked different.

“You remodeled,” I said, admiring the improvements.  Imagine my embarrassment when the hostess told us they had remodeled at least five years ago.  You see what I miss by not living in Rome any more.

We were soon sitting in a booth and perusing menus.  Our waitress asked could she start us off with a glass of wine or a cold beer.  Pointing at the wine list, I asked in my most superior fake English accent if the Chardonnay was aged in stainless or in oak.  Regular readers may remember that is my one bit of wine-tasting knowledge.

“Or don’t you know?” I added, in my regular, not superior voice.  She thought it was oak aged, so I ordered Pinot Gris.  Steven asked for the Chardonnay.  I tasted it when it arrived and found it did have that buttery taste I don’t care for.  My Pinot Gris was quite tasty.

For dinner I ordered a Garden Burger, a veggie burger topped with roasted red peppers, cucumbers, spinach and tomato with pesto mayo.  Steven got Teddy’s Turkey Club.  Steven just loves a good turkey club.  We had a choice of cole slaw or french fries.  I got the slaw, Steve got the fries.

The food was yummy.  I haven’t had a veggie burger in a long time. I’ll have to look for them at the super market.  While we ate we enjoyed listening to some ’80s music over the loudspeaker.  I suppose I should be upset that this music is considered “oldies” now, but so am I an oldie.  Time passes, after all.

We were very happy with our meal.  I grabbed a take-out menu as we left.  Maybe some time when we’re headed to Mom and Dad’s, we’ll pick up dinner on the way.  In any case,  I don’t intend to wait as long before I got to Teddy’s again.

Teddy’s is located at852 Black River Blvd., Rome NY, phone number 315-336-7839.  Their website is  You can also Like them on Facebook.



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  1. Everyone seems to be talking about food today.

    I’m craving a good burger. A veggie one sounds great, but the one that is on my mind is one I heard about called a “Hangover” that they serve supposedly at my favorite restaurant. They have it at another place and a fellow runner said they serve the same one at a place I go to pretty often.

    It’s a beef burger with egg and bacon and then the kicker is peanut butter! I know, right? Some part of me is obsessed with trying it now. I may end up being totally grossed out by it, but part of me thinks this will be the end all be all burger because everything else there is AMAZING!

    Thanks for the great review…if I’m ever in Rome, NY (I live in California) I’ll at least have one place I know is good to go to!

    • PS – I worked at a winery near Napa, CA for a summer. I did the retail store and was totally baffled listening to the wine sellers talk about our wine. Since then i’m sure my tastes have changed, but back then I couldn’t taste oak or pineapple or whatever else they kept saying you could taste in their wines!

    • I wonder about the peanut butter, but I, too, am intrigued. There are many good places to eat around here. One thing I love about writing the blog: it is an unassailable excuse to eat out, so I have something to write about!


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