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Just in Time for Melfe’s Monday

Long time readers (if any) may be wondering if I intend to give my yearly shout-out to Melfe’s Shoe Service in Ilion, NY.  Of course I do.  For one reason, I told them I was going to.

I’ve worked in an industry requiring safety footwear for almost five years now.  My place of employment has a deal with Melfe’s where my employer pays for one pair of shoes per year per employee and Melfe’s gives us a good deal.  Additionally, they give us great service and a quality product. Am I sounding like a commercial for Melfe’s?  Well, I did say this was a shout-out.

Many, many (add a few “manys” and you’ll come close) years ago, I sold shoes at a department store.  Ever since then I have appreciated quality footwear and understand the need to replace shoes on a regular basis (that’s not to say I don’t own a few ratty pair of $4.99 sneakers from K-Mart; I’m only human after all).  So every January I trek to Melfe’s and update.

My preferred time to go is Saturday morning as soon as they open. I’ve never encountered a crowd, and it gets it out of the way early in my favorite day for adventures.  On this particular Saturday, I was there even before they were.  I had not long to wait, though, before I was getting my feet measured and looking at styles.

At Melfe’s they measure your feet every time, because feet can change.  Mine have gotten bigger and wider over the years.  I’d like to think the increased width is the result of bunion surgery and not large amounts of fattening foods (of course my hips have no such excuse).

A young man named Steve was helping me (I asked his name and got his business card).  While he looked for my size, I admired wildlife prints and vintage advertisements on the wall.  I also noticed some very comfy-looking slippers I’d like to get for my husband (maybe for his birthday).

Melfe’s also does shoe repair.  A few months ago, I found out to my dismay that not all shoes can be repaired.  I had to appreciate, though, that they told me up front my shoes were hopeless and did not take my money to make a repair they knew would not last.

I received a Melfe’s t-shirt with my shoes.  I chose lavender.  I told Steve I would wear it to work on Monday.

“I like to have Melfe’s Monday,” I told him.

He told me that a lot of people have a certain day they like to wear their Melfe’s shirt.  I could have gotten a hat or coffee mug, but I like my shirt.  Full disclosure:  I did not wear that shirt this past Monday but one I got two years ago.  Fortunately or not, another Monday is coming.

Melfe’s Shoe Service is located at 64 Central Ave, Ilion, NY.  For more informtion call 315-894-4049.


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