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Oh Yes, Tired Tuesday

To top it all off, I have the Type It In Backspace It Out disease.

There was a whole paragraph preceding that sentence and, well, you know what happened to it.

It is Tired Tuesday.  It didn’t start out that way.  At least, not this tired.  I began the day feeling I had the wherewithal to get through it.  However, I knew I was in trouble when I was heating up my coffee before 7 a.m.  I usually try to wait till at least 10, although some days I don’t make it to 8.  However, I usually can last till seven for heaven’s sake!  Oh, don’t get the wrong impression.  I have already had coffee by that time.  I have coffee very shortly after I get out of bed in the morning.

Why am I babbling on and on about coffee?  Oh yes, Tired Tuesday.

Obviously I did not write my blog post while at work today.  In my defense, I discovered another type of puzzle in my puzzle book and it rather obsessed me for most of the day.  For another portion of the day I pondered my options for The Banana Play (that’s only a working title), which is my next writing project.  I THINK I may have my best idea yet.  I dare not say another word about it, though.  It would be a terrible thing to jinx it now, on my fourth or fifth attempt at writing the damn thing.

When I got home from work I cleaned and did laundry, then called my Mom and Dad.  It is important to call your parents.  Then I worked on an article for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  I think it is finished, but I’d like Steven to read it when he gets home from work.  Then I sat here with the laptop on my lap and alternately stared at my the wordpress site and re-checked Facebook.  Till I finally typed in… what you just read.  After first, of course, typing in several false starts and backspacing them out.



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