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Is It Dog O’clock?

I am sitting in my living room watching Best in Show, one of the Christopher Guest mockumentaries (well, I expected my computer to tell me that’s not a word), and I am reminded that Steven and I said we were going to get a new dog after we were done with Leading Ladies.  As I earlier posted on Facebook that post-play letdown has set it in, I guess now’s the time.

Readers may remember that last June we lost our beloved schnoodle Tabby to cancer.  It was sudden and tragic.  We’re still very sad about it.  Of course we are not replacing Tabby.  There will never be another Tabby.  But we miss having a dog, and there are a lot of dogs out there who need a loving home.

We plan to start at Herkimer County Humane Society.  I signed up to volunteer there last June but never followed up.  In my defense, I had to fill out an application and wait for the board to approve me.  At the same time this was happening, I got involved with the play Roxy at Ilion Little Theatre and I was training to run the Boilermaker.   In short, I been busy.

Now my schedule has settled down somewhat, and I am ready to walk a dog.  One good thing about that is, if I go to volunteer at the Humane Society, that will be something good to write blog posts about.  Won’t that be nice after All Leading Ladies All The Time and the lame foolishness that has followed?

In the meantime, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  Nobody reasonable was expecting an excellent blog post today.  And Steven wants to watch another Christopher Guest movie.


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