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We Have a Dog!

His name is Spunky and he is a ten year old Shih Tzu who needed a home.  We are a middle-aged couple who needed a dog.  What could be better?

This morning we went down to The Velvet Dog to pick him up.  They are not open on Sundays, but the fellow that was fostering him agreed to meet us there.  I think Spunky remembered us from when we met him before.  He seemed quite content to have me pick him up and carry him to the car.  He was less sanguine when it became clear that I was going to close the door and take him away.  Poor guy was shaking as we drove home, which was fortunately not far.

Once in the house, he became interested in walking around and exploring.  I called my sister Cheryl to let her know we would not make it to church, and while I was on the phone with her, Spunky stood and looked at the door.  I was able to stay on the phone while I got the leash on him and opened the door, but it soon became clear he wanted to go for a walk.  I got off the phone, got Steve and a poop bag, and off we went.

Oh now nice to walk a dog again!  Perhaps it is not as good exercise, due to stopping and letting the pooch sniff almost every pole, tree and patch of grass that interests, but I maintain it is better for your soul.  We went for a second walk later, after I had written a few postcards and enveloped a few letters.  I say, Yay!

Despite the two walks, this is not a Pedestrian Post.  It is a short Wrist to Forehead Sunday post to let you know that we have a dog and are happy about it.  Not a Wrist to Forehead situation, you may say, and I must agree.  However, it is Sunday. My intention is to make a short post and get back to enjoying it.  I hope you are having a lovely day.



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  1. Oh you need to upload a photo!!! I so want to see the little cutie 😀

  2. It’s wonderful that you two have given Spunky a new home! Wish you all the best! Ellie

  3. Mr jack wildman

    How great! Welcome to the family spunky! It is nice to see people and animals coming together. Everyones lives uplifted.

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