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A Little Bitter on a Totally Fun Blog

I had been going to make a post today and call it “Mid-Week Movies.”  For one reason, it seemed like a good day to sit, watch cheesy movies and crochet. I put on the first cheesy movie,  The Black Scorpion, which I had DVRd a couple of days before Halloween.  It was so boring, I paused it and did the dishes.  The first giant scorpion showed up just a minute or two after I un-paused it.  It did not get a whole lot less boring.  I might just interject here that before doing the dishes I had eaten something and taken my pain medicine. The lightheadedness (as well as the pain relief) takes a bit to kick in.

Anyways,  I picked up my laptop.  For one reason, I have a message out to my sister and hoped she had answered it.  Then I thought, oh, maybe I’ll check my email and look at WordPress.  Maybe another blog will inspire me.  And it kind of did.  I am a big fan of “Ben’s Bitter Blog.”  I enjoyed today’s post and made the following comment on it.

I am extremely bitter because I can’t have a damn drink. And I can’t have solid food. How the hell can I self medicate when I can’t eat or drink? I did take some actual medicine, the prescribed kind, and now I feel too lightheaded and tired to make my own blog post, another source of bitterness. Oh, AND I have been off solid food long enough now that my body has adapted and I stopped losing weight! Thank you, I feel much better now. You know what? I think I’ll copy and paste this minor diatribe and use it for my own blog post. Does the lessening of bitterness I feel mean you are absorbing it? No matter, I will manufacture more. Totally fun blog aside (that’s what mine says it is), it is what I do. Rock on.

So this is my blog post today. I MUST get off this pain medication!  I go to the doctor again tomorrow.  I hope to return to this planet shortly after that.  Happy Wednesday, though.


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