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I Didn’t Mean to be Melancholy

I had meant to make a post about one of my recent Mohawk Valley adventures, but I’m afraid today is going to be more of a Middle-aged Musings Monday, if not Melancholy Monday, or even a Memories Monday.  Oh, all right, I’ll stop alliterating and start blogging.

Today on my Facebook On This Day, I noted that one year ago today we brought our sweet Spunky home from his foster dad’s (I even wrote a blog post about it).  Regular readers may recall that we sadly lost Spunkman (as Steven liked to call him) far too soon (I wrote a blog post about that, too).  I miss having a dog, but the time seems not right to adopt another one yet.

Logging on to WordPress, I noticed a post from a blogger I follow about how she and her guy adopted a puppy, Meet Harper, the Resuce Pup!  Full disclosure:  I do not read all posts by all the bloggers I follow.  This one I read.   Rescue dogs are the best!  And people who adopt them are awesome!  Oh dear, that sounded like I was tooting my own horn, but I was not, really.  For one reason, I have not adopted another dog since losing Spunky.  I don’t know if I ever will, although as I read somewhere, pets happen.

So I am remembering our little Spunky, and our sweet Tabby, who lived with us from 2007 to 2015.  Dogs enrich our lives immeasurably, but so is the sadness immeasurable when we lose them.  I suppose I could say something profound about how you have to have the sad to appreciate the happy, and I even know such a thing to be true.  But I’m afraid it would sound glib and trite, because profundity is not my strong suit.

I also feel I should apologize for intruding sadness into my silly blog, especially when the occasion for sadness is sometime past.  Then again, who can explain emotions and why apologize for them?  I like to say, sometimes you just have to feel that way until you don’t feel that way any more.  I’ll try for a better post tomorrow.



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  1. I think this is one of the best kinds of posts. It is healing to hear how others grapple with these issues. I lost my 15-year-old furry friend back in October (a loving cat who I basically grew up with). Before that, I lost my beloved dog Knox when I realized it would be better and healthier for all involved to allow my ex to take full custody of him (they live a very fun and adventurous life together). I was heartbroken and jaded for a while, but then something clicked in me and the urge to raise and love another animal became too strong to ignore… almost overnight. I’m not saying that will happen to you! But it’s very interesting how fluid emotions can be. And yes, pets happen. 🙂 Best of luck and love to you!

  2. You are allowed to feel any way you want to feel! Besides, it’s hard to not be upset when we lose our fur babies. My guess is that a pet will happen in your future.

    • Thanks. It’s funny how sometimes it just hits you again that your doggy friend isn’t there and it was so much better when he was. We’ll probably adopt another one when the time is right.


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