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I’ll Be Lame for the Concert!

I pause in my gyrations of trying to get ready for An Evening with America to make a Flustered Friday post. If I have time.  I may start it now and finish it after the concert.  I am pausing not so much because I am dedicated to making my blog post right this minute (I AM dedicated to making my post, of course, just not necessarily right this minute), but for the sake of sitting in front of a fan and cooling off for a minute before I attack the wardrobe problem again.

As I have often observed, it is not easy being me.  My weight loss goals seem further away than ever — and I thought I was being so GOOD this week: no candy, no cookies, no ice cream! A lovely blouse I purchased recently, after trying it on to be sure it is not too tight in my upper arms, turns out to be, you guessed it, too tight in my upper arms.  As well as elsewhere.  I bought it recently, and according to the scale I have not gained weight since then, but….  Maybe my scale needs new batteries.

To make matters worse, I started hot flashing.  I can’t wear leggings!  I can’t wear a camisole under that white shirt!  I can’t wear that black top!  I can’t wear anything!  AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH!  Oh, OK, I did not scream.  I just came downstairs to, as I said, cool off.  Sitting still in front of a fan is quite effective for that.  I highly recommend it.

I see I am over 250 words.  That, by my convoluted rules for myself, is respectable, especially for a Lame Friday Post.  I hope your weekend is beginning more smoothly than mine.  I shall post further updates as events warrant.


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