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Monsters, Can You Help Me Now?

As I walked into work this morning, I came up with a rather depressing description of a Monday through Friday job:  Five days of hell, two days of hangover.  It amused me in a cynical sort of way, although I doubt it is original and I assure you it is not accurate for me at least.  However, it seemed a good enough intro for a Monstrous Monday post.

Monday! Bad!

My job, of course, is not hell.  It has its drawbacks, as any job does, and I increasingly dislike being forced to get up in the morning.  I like to BE up early in the morning; I just don’t like to GET up.  I’m sure you now what I mean.

Where was I going with this?  Ah yes, Monstrous Monday.

“Was somebody looking for a monster?”

I have a bear of a week ahead of me, with rehearsals, writing, and a hundred issues and details to be dealt with.  It is my own fault, of course. So are hangovers, but in neither case does that make it any better.  Full disclosure:  I don’t often get hangovers, but when I do, they SUCK!

For the future, I can resolve to drink less, no matter how yummy it is.  However, can a similar resolution help me with my overloaded theatre schedule?  Just say no, you may advise.  Many people have no problem whatsoever with this (hence, our common community theatre casting woes).  What, I ask, is my problem?  Is it my eagerness to be loved?  My love of theatre?  The undeniable thrill I get from being onstage?  Or — and I think I may have something here — is it all the times in my misguided youth when I auditioned, auditioned, auditioned and almost never got cast?

Speaking of eagerness to be loved.

Now I fear I am straying into psychological territory way above my pay grade.  If I am trying to resolve issues from my youth, I am way more pathetic that I like to think I am.  Let’s end this analysis right here.  For one reason, I have lines to study.


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