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Another Late Post About Not Writing

I guess I am not a daily blogger any more.  Or else I need more blogger sick days.  At any rate, yesterday evening I got a bad headache and could not even manage to type in “Please excuse Mohawk Valley Girl…”  I would like to say, “In my defense, I did some writing earlier,” but it is not really a defense.  Even if I had, for example, hand written a post in my notebook on breaks at work, I may not have had the wherewithal to type it in last night.  What a wimp! I used to be able to function with a headache!

I have been trying, once again, to turn over a new writer’s leaf (or would that be a page?) (probably; metaphor is not my forte).  So far, not so good, I guess.  I hesitate to say what I have been working on, because I don’t want to jinx it.  I even had what seemed like a great idea for a murder mystery.  It came to me in a dream, so in the light of day, it may not seem so good.  Once again, we won’t jinx it by premature discussion.

OK, so I’ve talked about why I didn’t write anything last night and a couple of things I will not talk about today.  I think I should make Not Writing an official category of Mohawk Valley Girl.


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  1. Daily blogging is tough, I agree. Who had much time to do anything outside of the normal routine these days?


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