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So I Ran Today

I thought I would attempt a Running Commentary post in lieu of my usual Wuss-out Wednesday.  For one reason, I knew it would be a really good idea to run, with the Reindeer Run 5K a mere three weeks away.  For another reason, I enjoyed my weekend runs SO MUCH, I wanted more. I knew, however, that I was not guaranteed more.  Mid-Week runs are often less fun.  And yet, they are an evil that must be endured.

Originally I had thought to do what I often do during these runs:  put a load of laundry in the washer, run, then put it in the drier before my shower.  Unfortunately,  I felt too tired to do both laundry and run.  Run won.  I could not and did not promise to run very far.  Twenty minutes would be good, fifteen would be acceptable,  less might be settled for.

Right away it was not a fun run.  My body did not want to participate.  As usual in these cases, I persevered.  I reminded myself that I had taken two days off, never the best idea.  I turned left instead of right onto German Street as I had planned. I most often turn left and thought an unfamiliar route would feel less onerous.

My strategy worked.  I was narrating in my head as I ran, always a helpful technique for me. For one reason, I mentioned in my narration how the run got easier as I went.  I knew I could make 20 minutes, and I soon felt I could do more.

I made it for 25 minutes, which I felt pretty good about.  And now I have a blog post. Phew!  Happy Wednesday,  everyone!


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