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Late on Friday, Ambitious for Saturday

So Thursday I managed a foolish post while tired, but I could not accomplish such a feat on Friday.  I know I proclaimed Wednesday Lame Post Friday,  but I think I will have to dub it Wuss-out Wednesday and have another Lame Post Friday today.  Uh, yesterday.

Today, in fact, is Shop Small Saturday,  a holiday tailor made for Mohawk Valley Girl!  I have actually been saying lately, ” EVERY Saturday is Shop Small Saturday for me!  I hardly ever shop big!”  That said, I plan to make a few local stops today, perhaps even venturing out of Herkimer into Frankfort, Ilion, Mohawk, and Little Falls.  Hmm. That may entail quite a number of stops. We’ll see.

However, there are other things I need to accomplish. I must get some writing done other than a late, lame blog post. It would be a good idea to run. And there is always my house that needs a lot of cleaning…

I think more coffee is first on the agenda.  We’ll make this post a little shorter than my usual, and I’ll try to make up for it later.


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