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Fairly Lame, Fairly Dreadful Post

I actually have a few subjects worthy of a real blog post.  I can only hope I write about them in the future,  because today is Lame Post Friday.

I have had a fairly dreadful week.  I say “fairly,”  because I believe it was not that horrible, but my distorted perceptions designated it as such.  I do not feel up to iterating the happenings of the week and discussing their possible designations. Quite frankly, I do not feel up to any sort of a blog post.

I got home from work and immediately sat down to relax myself.  Perhaps I drank a glass or two of wine.   If so, who could judge me?  Oh, I suppose you possibly could (you know who you are).  I continued to have an enjoyable Friday evening.  Again, who could judge me?

I have a busy weekend to look forward to.  The biggest event is tne third iteration on Brainstorming the Bard at Meeples Mug House in Little Falls, tomorrow at three. I wonder how well that will go.  Full disclosure: I have not done nearly enough thinking about this subject.

Can only hope that others have. If not, no doubt we will carry on.

In the meantime, have I the wherewithal to finish this post?  I fear not.  I can only hope to rescue the post with an excellent headline.  Will I succeed?  The uncertainty adds interest to my Friday.

And yet I feel I have not succeeded.  Alas.




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