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I just returned from the first rehearsal for Donate to Murder, the murder mystery we are putting on as a fundraiser for the Herkimer County Historical Society at the end of this month.  It is going to be a fun show!

Oh swell!  I took a few pictures, but I am having trouble uploading them into this post!  That is so frustrating! And why us the computer underlining “frustrating”?  Oh!  It did not underline it the second time.  What’s that all about?

How easily I am led astray.  I guess that makes this a Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  I have been sporadic at making blog posts lately, and I think that is a mistake.  For one reason, I am sorely tempted to bag this post and wait for a better day.  We all know that better writing days are elusive at best.  We must make our own good writing days!  Alas, I fear I have failed at making one today.

Where was I?  I just tried once again to download the photo, but no luck.  Maybe I could just plug the show and leave it at that.

Donate to Murder will be presented at the Travel Lodge in Little Falls on Friday, March 27.  Tickets are $30.00 and include a delicious pot roast and chicken parmesan dinner.  For more information contact the historical society at 315-866-6413.

PS  I think my computer has lost internet connection, so I can’t even publish this.  I can only hope it is saved!

PPS  I had to restart my Tablet, and the wwords are all here!  Resisting the urge to try for the picture again, I shall hit Publish, before the internet changes its mind!




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