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I Gotta Be Lame

Oh my God, what I feared would happen is true!  I feared that if I stopped requiring myself to post every day (I admit, a standard I did not always meet), I would stop posting entirely!  I have not quite done that — regular readers may have noticed I posted this morning for Thursday — but I have not only made fewer posts, I am finding it dangerously easy to make no post at all.

That was not the best written paragraph I have ever done.  No matter.  It is Lame Post Friday.  Before I pecked out the above (one letter at a time with the stylus on my Tablet, which is the way I usually post these days only I do not always mention it), I almost said “To hell with it,” and put the Tablet away. Then I took stern hold of myself and started typing (by the method mentioned in the previous parenthetical comment).

I guess it’s an All Or Nuthin’ situation.  If I wait to post till I have a decent post to publish, I will publish sadly few posts.  I guess some people would not find fewer posts of mine to be at all sad (you know who you are).  I cannot worry about such people.

Of course I can and will strive to have more substantive posts.  However, for today, I am going to go with Yet Another Foolish Post and a warning that foolish posts will not entirely stop.  What more could we ask on a Lame Post Friday?



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  1. Your post isn’t lame at all. All of us struggle from time to time to find the enthusiasm to do this every day (or every week … or whatever our personal time interval of preference is). And I cannot imagine pecking out a post using a tablet and a stylus. I would have given up writing entirely years ago.

    Anyway, please keep writing at whatever frequency that suits you. I enjoy your posts and want to keep on reading them!

    • Thank you for that kind reply! Regarding posting one letter at a time with the stylus, I first did it as a last resort due to problems with my laptop. Then I kind of got used to it. When I return to ten-fingered typing it is AMAZING!

      • Oh yes! I agree. I would never have even considered being a writer if I’d had to write by hand or even use a manual typewriter. It makes me marvel at how writers in the days of inkstands and quills ever managed to get a page written, let alone entire books!

      • Ooh, I miss my manual typewriter! I used to carry it around and type things in the hall between classes. I don’t have the finger strength now. I love to write with a pen, but I get less and less legible as time goes on!

  2. That’s what happened to me. I posted fewer times per week and then just pretty much stopped. It is hard if you think you have to post every day and you don’t have a clue what to post! Maybe, 3 or 4 times a week would suit you better?


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