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W is for Wuss-out

Sorry, kids, it’s going to be a Wuss-out Wednesday Post.  I got my articles submitted to Mohawk Valley Living magazine and I seem to be done.  But I cannot be entirely done, because I will make some semblance of a blog post.

I have not murdered a weed in a while.

I just scrolled through my Media Library looking for something beginning with a W.  I made my Weed Murderer using a recipe I Googled.  The main ingredient was white vinegar, which I am currently unable to find in a gallon jug.  Hence, the unmurdered weeds in the cracks in my sidewalk and driveway.

Cheers to you, too!

For another W, here is my friend Kim with a glass of wine.  It is Sweet Little Blonde from Rustic Ridge Winery in Burlington Flats, NY.  She is drinking it at Heelpath Brewing Company in Frankfort.  Just to sneak in a little local.

Today was actually not as hot as expected.

How about the Wicked Witch of the West for a plethora of W’s?  This Look For The W’s game is fun!

I personally am a writing monster.

After the Witch, W’s got a little scarce in the old Media Library.  However, it seems appropriate to end on Writer.  I will strive henceforth to NOT be the non-writing kind.



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  1. Great post!

    I personally gave up on fighting the weeds that grow up in the cracks of pavements. I figure anything that has that strong a will to live deserves to live. I wonder if I would fight that hard to eke out an existence in an inhospitable environment. Heck, I can’t even force myself to write a blog post while sitting in the lap of luxury (relatively speaking). So who am I to judge a dandelion who somehow made a go of it in a thimble full of dirt that somehow ended up in the crack of a wall?

    Or this was a really long-winded way of saying I am phenomenally lazy. 😀

    • As Louis Armstrong once said, I’m not lazy, I’m just blessed with a lack of ambition. Or words to that effect. As I have said many times, I fought the lawn, and the lawn won. I’m not giving up yet! Only I need to get more white vinegar.


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