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L Is For Lame

For this week’s Friday Lame Post, I shall do the thing where I choose pictures from my Media Library beginning with a certain letter and make silly remarks about them. I pick the letter L.

I must return to Prospect Falls Winery soon.

Here is a Liquid well suited for Fridays. In fact, I am not drinking wine, but am taking minute sips of a dry martini. I love a dry martini, but one must be cautious when drinking what amounts to a glass of gin. But I digress.

I wonder if these are over now.

Local is one of Mohawk Valley Girl’s favorite words. This is from the farmers market in Little Falls, NY (another L!).

I must find this pair; the eyeballs are so Halloween-y!

Here are some LuLaRoe Leggings given to me by my sister Victoria. It has been cool enough for leggings lately, but I heard a hot day was forecast for tomorrow.

Pretty sexy, if you ask me.

Lost Souls makes my last L. That was an elusive letter, at least in my Media Library. But I am approaching 200 words. I may or may not make it. What do you want from me on Lame Post Friday?

(I made it.)


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  1. Great idea for a post!


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