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Two on Main Street in Ilion

Trying to return to my Mohawk Valley roots, I offer a shout-out to a local business, Lombardo’s II in Ilion, NY. Full disclosure: I do not know where Lombardo’s I is. However, I greatly enjoy the Ilion location.

A good place to eat and drink!

We sat at the little booths in the bar area, and ordered wine and food.

Kim drank white.
I drank red.

We had a wonderful time and ate far too much. We both took leftovers home.

On the way home, we stopped by Ilion Wine and Spirits, because I had no wine at my house and wanted some.

LLombardo’s Pizza Plus is locared at 154 E. Main St., Ilion, NY, phone number 315-894-7111. Ilion Wine and Spirits is at 10 W, Main St.


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