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I Need a Little Christmas

Christmas is just days away. I wore Christmas socks and a Christmas vest today. I listened to Christmas music as I drove to and from work. And yet the Christmas spirit eludes me. Perhaps I can chase it down with a few Christmas pictures.

I draw your attention to the little Christmas trees.

My sister Diane sent me a picture of her mantle via instant messenger. I was delighted, because she used the garland of crocheted Christmas trees I made for her some years ago. I invented the crocheted Christmas tree back in the mid 1980’s. I was pretty pleased with myself.

It is not as elaborate as when Steve does it.

I naturally sent her a picture of my own mantle. Full disclosure: we did not make a concerted effort with this. We just put stuff up as we found or acquired it.

Pardon the mess.

And this is our fireplace. Yes, that is fake poop on top of a pile of scripts on an old television. I just now noticed it. When I took the picture, I was more annoyed with myself about the bottles and jars I left sitting n the stool with the wine light. Not annoyed enough to clean it up and re-take the picture, I’m afraid.

Now I am laughing at myself. Here is my messy house, with Christmas decorations and fake poo. It’s not quite the Christmas Spirit, but it’ll do.


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