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Will Santa Come Down That Chimney?

Who could blame me for having a Tired Tuesday Post on Tuesday of Christmas week when I am trying to learn a new job? Oh, you probably could (you know who you are).

It is increasingly difficult for me to write. I have barely written in the TV Journal.TV Journal. Writing is not the only thing that is difficult for me. Clean my house? Not likely. Shop for Christmas presents? Nope.

And just listen to me whine about it! What a pathetic display. Maybe I could lighten things up with a picture.

A jolly scene.

Here is a picture of my fireplace taken earlier this month. Regular readers may recognize it as a different angle from a picture I took for last night’s blog. You may notice the absence of fake poo.

What a difference a year makes.

This is my mantle I 2019. Steven did the decorating. I believe he has a knack for it.

Just look at all that stuff!

This is December 2017. If I was trying to cheer myself up with these blasts from Christmas past, the effort has failed. All I can feel is disappointed in myself for having such meager decorations this year. But let us not travel further down THAT road.

I occurs to me as I look at these pictures that Santa would have a hard time coming down this chimney, if he were inclined to do so. Lucky for him I was bad all year.




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  1. I did less of everything this year. Fewer cookies baked, less decorations put up, not as many gifts. And I am okay with it. That is just how 2020 is.

  2. Learning a new job is exhausting. My unsolicited advice is to not put too much pressure on yourself to be everything to everyone and not worry about small things right now. Hopefully soon, your life will fall into a more comfortable routine with less stress. Merry Christmas to you guys!

  3. Why was there only one picture when you described three? I, also, decorated very minimally.


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