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And I Am Too Sick to Think of a Title

Today is a Blogger’s Sick Day. Of all the rotten timing for ill health! How many weeks have I been furloughed and laid off, two weeks into a new job, and they send me home. Two days before Christmas!

It is, as usual, my own fault (I believe I have mentioned that most of my life can be summed up with the words “Operator Error”). I mentioned my symptoms. I work amongst nurses, in a setting where they must be very careful of infection. I protested, but they made me go home.

I suppose they were right, because I started to feel a little worse as I drove home. I took a nap. I ate some chicken soup. I will probably go to bed early. I am sure I will feel better. Without going into disgusting details, my symptoms are more indicative of gastroenteritis than COVID. Quite frankly, anything that is not gone tomorrow will suck.

One reason I feel so annoyed is that I had plans. I was going shopping and to the bank after work. I don’t want to deal with that shit on Christmas Eve! I had a vague thought of trying to use the order online, pick up curbside option, but I do not feel up to navigating the internet tonight.

I did not up to making a blog post, either, but here I am, over 200 words. Perhaps they are whiny words. These things happen. Let us all hope for better things tomorrow.


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  1. Hope you feel better tomorrow, but just a heads up— my friend thought she had a stomach bug and it turned out to be Covid after all! Here’s hoping it’s just something you ate and you’re back to normal tomorrow!

  2. I hope you are better tomorrow.


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