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Does This Blog Count as a Journal?

I was too tired to do my Tired Tuesday post on Tuesday.  For one reason, I went running.  I also did a load of laundry (one of my few instances of multi-tasking: I put in the laundry and run while it washes) and the dishes (I know some of you are judging me that the dishes were not washed as soon as they were dirty, but I am reconciled to that), and I worked a very little bit on the murder mystery I am a little sorry I committed myself to do.  And I made a few journal entries.

I have been keeping multiple journals lately.  Regular readers may recall the TV Journal, which I believe I wrote a blog post about (I wonder if I will be able to find it and share the link).  This has come to encompass more than just television viewing, so I guess I could drop the “TV,” call it a “Journal” and use my other notebooks for something else.

However, I also have a Running Journal.  This was a good idea, because it is helpful to look back and see where I am at fitness-wise, especially when I am training for, say, the Boilermaker 15K (preview of upcoming attractions).  It would be cumbersome to keep track of these things if I put them in the TV Journal with everything else.  Full disclosure:  I had one a while ago that I cannot find and finally broke down and started a new one in a fresh notebook recently.

On other occasions, I have tried to keep journals of my headaches or my eating habits, but I have never stuck with either of these tools long enough for them to become useful.  I fear that is the fate of my latest attempt at a journal: a Cleaning Journal.

Regular readers as well as my family and friends may be aware that my house is a hideous mess.  I am embarrassed to have anybody over and fear I will soon qualify for one of those TV shows like Hoarders (although that would make an interesting entry in the TV Journal).   I have been trying to embrace the Little Bit At A Time method, with only sporadic success and much backsliding. One Sunday I thought, “I’ll keep a journal!  I will write down what I do as I do it, what I find successful, how I feel, how I progress…”  I got all enthusiastic about it and even spent a good half hour actually cleaning.  This was pretty huge, quite frankly, because I almost never get anything done on a Sunday (it’s kind of a thing with me).

Nobody was less surprised than me when the Cleaning Journal did not turn out to be an ongoing source of inspiration.

However, one must persevere.  One bright side: I see I am over 400 words, a rather large word count for me.  Not bad for a late Tired Tuesday post, I think.



Wanted: Inspiration. Or Garlic

I had it all planned out yesterday. I was going to go for a walk and make a Pedestrian Post, or maybe call it a Tuesday Trudge. Then it poured rain, so I went to Plan B. Only I didn’t have a Plan B. So I am sitting here with my Tablet on Wednesday morning, hoping inspiration will strike.

Some will argue that inspiration is a myth. Just write, they will say, quoting Edison and his 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. To that I reply, you still need that 1%. After all, without one little clove of garlic, all you have is bland tomato sauce (oh yeah, like I ever use only one measly clove of garlic!) (and I suppose some people like bland tomato sauce).

Where was I? Oh yes, trying to write. I did write a bit yesterday, a couple of paragraphs in the TV Journal and a character page on a new murder mystery.

That’s right! Another murder mystery may be in my future! That will give me something else to blog about. I will have to upgrade my WordPress account so I can include pictures.

In the meantime, I am not quite at 200 words (why does autocorrect keep thinking I want to say 00 instead of 200? Is it saying my 200 words are worth nothing? Everybody’s a critic!). Does it count if I get up to 200 words by discussing that I am not at 200 words? Discuss amongst yourselves.

A Reason to Swoon?

Have I the mental and physical wherewithal to make a Wrist to Forehead Sunday Post? The question is not rhetorical. I think I am getting arthritis in my knuckles. I was having a very painful time trying to write in the TV Journal earlier. Suddenly stylus picking is a more attractive option. What a depressing thought! No more hand writing? No more ten-finger typing? SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!

The beauty part is, now it seems I have a really good reason to swoon, posed dramatically with the back of one wrist against my forehead. I would love to insert a photo here but cannot find one.

Earlier today I went on a long run. It tired me out too much to feel like making a Running Commentary Post. I started to watch movies, hoping for a Sunday Cinema Post. However, I HATED the first movie I chose so much I got discouraged. I should have turned it off twenty minutes into it, as I was strongly tempted to do, but I was curious as to when it would get exciting and how it would end (very late in the picture and badly).

So here I sit without much to say. Best thing to do in these cases is to keep it sort. I hope to see you all again on Monday.

Will Santa Come Down That Chimney?

Who could blame me for having a Tired Tuesday Post on Tuesday of Christmas week when I am trying to learn a new job? Oh, you probably could (you know who you are).

It is increasingly difficult for me to write. I have barely written in the TV Journal.TV Journal. Writing is not the only thing that is difficult for me. Clean my house? Not likely. Shop for Christmas presents? Nope.

And just listen to me whine about it! What a pathetic display. Maybe I could lighten things up with a picture.

A jolly scene.

Here is a picture of my fireplace taken earlier this month. Regular readers may recognize it as a different angle from a picture I took for last night’s blog. You may notice the absence of fake poo.

What a difference a year makes.

This is my mantle I 2019. Steven did the decorating. I believe he has a knack for it.

Just look at all that stuff!

This is December 2017. If I was trying to cheer myself up with these blasts from Christmas past, the effort has failed. All I can feel is disappointed in myself for having such meager decorations this year. But let us not travel further down THAT road.

I occurs to me as I look at these pictures that Santa would have a hard time coming down this chimney, if he were inclined to do so. Lucky for him I was bad all year.



Just Write One Blog Post

OK, this is not quite the same thing as type-it-in-back-space-it-out.  I just added a photo I took on a recent Mohawk Valley Adventure, typed in one sentence, and realized I could not go through with composing the entire post. At least I put a headline on it and saved what little I had as a draft, but what the hell, me?

This morning I wrote a little in the TV Journal, as I have been trying to do lately.  A quick check showed me I have been steady since Dec. 26.  I feel I must give myself a little credit for that at least.

Regarding my apparent inability to write before my shift starts and while on breaks at work, I said to myself, “Just write one sentence.”  I repeated it in my head as I got ready and drove to work.

And I wrote one sentence!  And then another one!  They were not good sentences, unfortunately.  Mostly I wrote about the fact that I was writing, expressing some surprise that I was doing so.  Still, I wrote a couple of paragraphs.

I really do not know why I feel as if I am starting from several steps behind scratch.  It is not as if I have gone any considerable length of time without writing at all, and I have not suffered any devastating mental or physical ailments.

In the meantime,  I see I have surpassed 200 words with this nonsense.  I shall close with the picture I opened the unfinished blog post with.  Call it a Preview of Coming Attractions, if you like.

Did the troll put a hex on me, do you suppose?