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Comfortably Lame

I thought of that title a few weeks ago and wrote it down.  Then this morning (yes, I am making my Lame Post Friday post on Saturday morning, more about that later), I remembered that I had written it down and paged through my notebook (I need hardly say the paper, spiral-bound kind) (are there still computers called notebooks? I am so out of touch) looking for it. I am going to say it is appropriate, because I have become increasingly more comfortable with making a day’s post the following morning (although I will probably never feel really good about it).  In any case, if I do not use it soon, it will moulder away in that notebook, unused and unremembered.

Wow, that was a long paragraph.  I’d better follow it up with a short one.

Regarding the title on the notebook (ooh, how’s that for a title, “The Title in the Notebook”?), I know it is a time-honored practice of writers to always have a notebook where we can write down ideas and little snippets as they occur to us.  For me, this tends to work out better than the notebook by the bed for those middle of the night inspirations.  I personally have never dreamt a usable plot line.  Additionally, rousing myself sufficiently to write something down has a detrimental effect on my always troublesome insomnia.

Oh dear, another long paragraph.  Well, why not?  It got me over 200 words.  I will just add that something else I have become comfortable with is pecking in one letter at a time with the stylus on my Tablet.  I look at past posts and see how I have lamented doing so.  Now it is my usual method, and ten-finger typing is a rare treat.



I Also Have To Write Something

So posting daily did not last very long.  I picked up my Tablet to make a post yesterday but felt too blank and sad.  I thought if I gave it a try this morning (Monday) I might meet with success.

Hmmm… So far, not much.

Isn’t this awesome?

I came across this in my Facebook On This Day.  I find it inspiring.  However, as we all know, inspiration is not enough.  You also have to write something.  I have a few projects in various stages of development:  a new novel and a couple of mysteries, one not involving murder.  I’ll share more about that one later (preview of coming attractions).

For right now, I am up to 100 words, halfway to my self-imposed minimum for a blog post, and I fear I have neither informed nor entertained.  What can I do about that?

What am I doing, emphasizing that this post is late?

I peeped into my Media Library and found this.  My Monday obligations are looming in my peripheral vision, urging me to finish this post and get on with the day.  Am I in fact clinging to Sunday by making my Wrist to Forehead Sunday post?  I think not, but perhaps I flatter myself.

In any case, I have achieved 200 words of this nonsense.  I hope you will all tune in later for my Monstrous Monday Post.


Wanted: Inspiration. Or Garlic

I had it all planned out yesterday. I was going to go for a walk and make a Pedestrian Post, or maybe call it a Tuesday Trudge. Then it poured rain, so I went to Plan B. Only I didn’t have a Plan B. So I am sitting here with my Tablet on Wednesday morning, hoping inspiration will strike.

Some will argue that inspiration is a myth. Just write, they will say, quoting Edison and his 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. To that I reply, you still need that 1%. After all, without one little clove of garlic, all you have is bland tomato sauce (oh yeah, like I ever use only one measly clove of garlic!) (and I suppose some people like bland tomato sauce).

Where was I? Oh yes, trying to write. I did write a bit yesterday, a couple of paragraphs in the TV Journal and a character page on a new murder mystery.

That’s right! Another murder mystery may be in my future! That will give me something else to blog about. I will have to upgrade my WordPress account so I can include pictures.

In the meantime, I am not quite at 200 words (why does autocorrect keep thinking I want to say 00 instead of 200? Is it saying my 200 words are worth nothing? Everybody’s a critic!). Does it count if I get up to 200 words by discussing that I am not at 200 words? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Inspired to do What?

So there I was, scrolling down Facebook, procrastinating making my Wrist to Forehead Sunday Post, and the following meme inspired me.

Or am I easily inspired?

I was not necessarily inspired to start this blog post. I point this out for any critics who may be thinking that this is not a particularly inspired post (you know who you are). But I feel inspired to start something.

Ooh, I just flashed on the Michael Jackson song about “Got to be Starting Something.”

I can’t dance like that.

Now I am wondering if learning how to put pictures in my blog posts was the best thing for me.

Aaaaaand… the post veers into Non-Sequitur territory. I did say this was Wrist to Forehead Sunday, didn’t I? Well, it truly is, because now I am sitting staring at the screen and can think of very little to say. So I begin to think that just starting is not enough.

The sad thing is, I have two more Mohawk Valley Adventures from yesterday I can write about. Additionally, we have spent the day watching movies, making Sunday Cinema Post perfectly eligible. And I cooked something that I could totally blog about!

And yet, here I sit, blathering on about my inability to blog. Once again I say, what the hell, me?

“One more thing!”

I wanted to add one more picture, so I looked through my Media Library and found Lt. Columbo. Two of the movies we watched were episodes of Columbo.

I must confess, I enjoy making these silly posts, except for the time I spend staring at the screen not knowing what to say next. I hope my lovely readers are at least somewhat entertained.

William Castle, Can You Help Me Now?

Hello and welcome to another Monstrous Monday Post.  Once again I intend to pull monster pictures from my Media Library and hope to find something new to say about them. We shall see how successful I can be.

Who will win?

Full disclosure: I have never seen this movie.  I can’t help wondering if they are running out of ideas when they have to combine monsters.  Then again, I can’t judge, as I am suffering from a dearth of ideas myself.

A director who truly loved his work.

Here is a fellow who never seemed to run out of ideas, William Castle on the set of House on Haunted Hill.  Perhaps I can find some inspiration from a man who lived to entertain.

Scream! Scream for your lives!

In my search for inspiration,  I find a shot of Vincent Price in The Tingler, another Castle masterpiece.

Mine is not this big.

Not a Castle film, but one of my favorite pictures to share when I am feeling brain dead: The Brain From Planet Arous.

Great side eye, and totally deserved.

For my final picture,  I show the opposite of brain dead: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, one of my all time favorite cheesy movies.

Yes, this is what I do when I feel unable to write: share pictures and spew nonsense.  Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to write something better, even without a brain or inspiration.  As always, I hope you will stay tuned.


An Idea for a Blog Post?

I did it again.  I went a day without posting so want to make two posts today.  I considered getting up at four, so that one could argue it was still the middle of the night (even though we all know damn well it is not; thus we kid ourselves into believing what we like). However, I felt I needed the rest more than I needed to meet my own arbitrary goals.  So here I sit at 7 a.m. trying to remember what I composed in my head at four before deciding to just go back to sleep.  It probably wasn’t very good anyways.

That raises a subject I may or may not have blogged about before:  writers are often given the advice to keep a notebook and pencil by the bed, because you will wake up in the middle of the night with a truly brilliant idea that you will NOT remember.  Can any of you writers out there confirm to me that you have actually had such an idea, written it down in the night, AND (and here’s the kicker) still thought it was brilliant the next morning?  I never have.  And now I find sleep so necessary and yet so elusive, I don’t even want to wake myself up enough to write it down.

I know, I know, you will argue (you know who you are) that if I DON’T write it down, how will I know if it was or was not brilliant?  Can I really be so profligate with my ideas that I am willing to just throw away all these inspirations?  What do I think I am, some perpetual idea machine?

I must admit, that is a point.  For example, one reason I did not make my blog post when I had time yesterday is that I could not for the life of me think of anything to write.  In my defense, it was not the only reason.  I also wanted to finish knitting a prayer shawl so I can get it blessed after church this morning (the reason sleep was so necessary at four).

So tonight when I go to bed, it will be with a notebook and pen at my side (maybe this will at least inspire me to clean off my bedside table; it needs it).  Eventually perhaps I can write a blog post about the results.


Stop Stalling and Start Blogging

I wish I had something that starts with an ST to do.  Then I would have a thoroughly alliterative title.

The sad truth is that once again when it comes to my post, I got nuthin’.   I don’t have much when it comes to other aspects of my life either, but I won’t get into that.  This isn’t Maudlin Monday after all.  I’ve been waiting all day and half the evening for inspiration to strike.  I went to “On This Day” in Facebook.  I always share my blog post, so it is an easy way to see what I published, you know, on this day. Then I re-read yesterday’s post.

You will probably not be surprised to hear that inspiration did not strike.  I finally had to sit down and just start typing.  Hence, today’s title.

My Post-Christmas Letdown kicked in full force today, not surprisingly, since I was back at work.  Oh, it was not a bad day at work.  But work is, perforce, work.  I like my job. I would just prefer to be independently wealthy or at least be on vacation the week after Christmas.  I know, I can’t have everything; it is best to appreciate the things I have and not dwell on what I have not.

Steven fixed us a nice dinner tonight of tomato soup and grilled ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches.  Adding pretzels and a glass of milk, I ate too much.  I suppose that was a seasonal thing for me to do.  You would think it would have alleviated the Letdown, but not so much.

No matter (as I like to say to myself).  I have managed to ramble on for more than 250 words.  I already have a title.  I’m going to categorize this as Monday Mental Meanderings, hit publish and call it a day.  Perhaps you’ll tune in on Tuesday, when I will hope not to be Tired.


Adirondack Landscapes at MVCA

Full Disclosure: I’ve started this blog post three times and wasn’t happy with any of them. I’m going to go with my third first paragraph and reserve the right to write further posts on the subject.

Another note: I know protocol for news writing is to refer to someone by first and last name the first time you mention them, then by last name only. It did not feel write to talk about Wilcox. To me he is Frank and that is how I refer to him. I hope that’s OK.

I was disappointed that I could not find a friend to accompany me to the exhibit opening at Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts (MVCA) last Saturday. However, I did not want to miss the opening reception for Frank Wilcox’s “Landscapes Old and New.” I figured I would find people there to chat with and I hoped to hear Frank talk about his work. I was right on both counts.

As I walked around looking at the paintings, I chatted with a few people. One was another artist, Pamela Menotti. I mention her, because she gave me a card about her own exhibition, “All Aboard: Train Paintings in Pastel,” at the Kirkland Town Library in Clinton, NY from Nov. 1 to 30 with an opening reception Nov. 8 from 12 to 2 p.m. I carefully tucked the postcard into my notebook and returned to perusing Frank’s exhibit.

The exhibit features landscapes of the Adirondacks. Last fall at MVCA’s Annual Great Art Giveaway, Frank talked about the sense of place in his art. He wanted people to look at his paintings and say, “I’ve been there,” or somewhere like there. I like that idea, because one thing I love is to look at art and say, “I wish I was there.” Looking at the paintings Saturday, I said, “I’ve been somewhere like there,” several times, and “I wish I was there” about practically every work.

The new landscapes were the Adirondack Ikons, inspired by an ikon that was given to Frank, and by music by the British composer John Tavener. An ikon is a visual representation of a spiritual idea. Ikons traditionally use specific colors. Frank used these colors in his Adirondack Ikons. He talked about the colors and the inspiration of the music. He suggested we return when the gallery is less busy to study the paintings while listening to the music that inspired them.

After his talk, Frank answered questions, which I enjoyed very much. He talked about his work methods habits, his background and more. I didn’t ask any questions, but when I see him again I have one. Has he ever considered writing a book about his art?

The exhibition is on view at MVCA, 401 Canal Pl., Little Falls, NY through Nov. 22. The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday 12 to 4 p.m. I encourage everybody to go check it out. For more information call 315-823-0808

Too Tired to be Inspired

I’ve been waiting all day for inspiration to strike and give me an idea of what to write a blog post about. All that has happened is that I feel increasingly tired and dull. I can see some of you shaking your heads now; you saw that coming, you TOLD me not to wait for inspiration, just to write, blah blah blah.

Regular readers know I DON’T always wait for inspiration. I daresay some of them wish I did, maybe I would write less nonsense. I can’t say I wouldn’t write anything at all, because I do feel inspired sometimes. Sometimes I feel inspired to write nonsense (ooh, that might make a good title).

I had thought to write a Pedestrian Post so took my schnoodle, Tabby, for a walk. It’s not that I’m not inspired to write about that. It’s more of a case of I Can’t Write About THAT. Oh dear, I hope that hasn’t got everybody wondering what could have possibly happened that I can’t write about it. Nothing that exciting, I’m afraid.

Some days ago I made two salads, which I thought would be good for a cooking post. When I started writing that one in my head I realized not so much. Note to self: Next time make salads with more ingredients.

I am looking forward to the upcoming weekend. But I don’t want to do a Preview of Coming Attractions without looking up more information about locations and times. I mean, what’s the point in writing about a future event that my local readers can’t take advantage of?

Ah, I just thought of a topic to use in a future blog post: Is it really such a bad thing to end a sentence with a preposition? Or a blog post with a question? Discuss amongst yourselves.

In the meantime, I’m going to publish this as a Non-Sequitur Thursday.

NOT Waiting for Inspiration

It is a dry patch for me. I don’t even have the excuse that I’ve been working on my novel, because that has been going very poorly.

I was not happy with yesterday’s post. I did not think it turned out that well, and it was not even much fun to write (except for a couple of the parenthetical comments) (you know how I love parenthetical comments). The fact is, I have not been inspired lately.

I can just hear all those critics out there saying, “You don’t wait for INSPIRATION to write! If you waited for INSPIRATION to write, you would never write anything at all! REAL writers don’t wait for INSPIRATION!” I hope my capitalization gives an indication of the huffy, superior tone I hear that in.

Well, obviously I do not wait for inspiration. I wrote the post, didn’t I? I’m writing this one, aren’t I? Sheesh!

However, once one begins, one hopes to keep going. So perhaps it is not inspiration I lack so much as momentum.

And I do lack momentum, because I pulled that last paragraph out of my brain one word at a time (I know some of my more sarcastic readers think I pulled it out of somewhere else) (you know who you are, and you know where I mean).

That was as much as I was able to write while at work. Except for the last two parenthetical comments. Those I came up with just now. Could it be I was… INSPIRED?


I hope to see you on Wuss-out Wednesday, when I hope NOT to wuss out (and perhaps some readers hope I will make less use of my caps lock key).