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Inspired to do What?

So there I was, scrolling down Facebook, procrastinating making my Wrist to Forehead Sunday Post, and the following meme inspired me.

Or am I easily inspired?

I was not necessarily inspired to start this blog post. I point this out for any critics who may be thinking that this is not a particularly inspired post (you know who you are). But I feel inspired to start something.

Ooh, I just flashed on the Michael Jackson song about “Got to be Starting Something.”

I can’t dance like that.

Now I am wondering if learning how to put pictures in my blog posts was the best thing for me.

Aaaaaand… the post veers into Non-Sequitur territory. I did say this was Wrist to Forehead Sunday, didn’t I? Well, it truly is, because now I am sitting staring at the screen and can think of very little to say. So I begin to think that just starting is not enough.

The sad thing is, I have two more Mohawk Valley Adventures from yesterday I can write about. Additionally, we have spent the day watching movies, making Sunday Cinema Post perfectly eligible. And I cooked something that I could totally blog about!

And yet, here I sit, blathering on about my inability to blog. Once again I say, what the hell, me?

“One more thing!”

I wanted to add one more picture, so I looked through my Media Library and found Lt. Columbo. Two of the movies we watched were episodes of Columbo.

I must confess, I enjoy making these silly posts, except for the time I spend staring at the screen not knowing what to say next. I hope my lovely readers are at least somewhat entertained.


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  1. Why yes I was entertained 🥳


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