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This Is Not Really a Post

I do not want to miss making a post nor yet to make a late post tomorrow, but I am taking a bloggers sick day. I am feeling quite ill as I sit glued to my television watching what could quite possibly be the death of our democracy. Doesn’t that sound embarrassingly melodramatic? But I feel few would disagree.

My day did not start out so great, either. My new job is in a nursing home, and I arrived to find a number of residents tested positive for COVID. Additionally, we are understaffed due to COVID. I am not fully trained so wonder if my presence is helping or hindering. Still, I do my best to make a contribution. Of course we are all following strict protocols to stay safe and stop the spread.

I can’t do anything but stare at the television and feel awful.


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  1. Turn the tv off. Breathe in some fresh air, sip a warm beverage and think about something that makes you happy. Puppies or roses nodding in the sunshine or banana splits.

  2. Marsha Matthews

    Mom worked in extended care for years, it was her calling. The patients will appreciate what you do. Your work matters!

  3. My mother also worked in a nursing home and she enjoyed it. I hope the job gets easier over time. It will help when the virus is under more control! I had to finally turn off my computer and stop watching the news as I was getting more and more upset. Virtual hugs to you, my friend. Hang in there!

    • Everyone is feeling the stress. Co-workers are telling me and another girl who started recently (and is training me, go figure) that we picked the WRONG time to change careers. I guess that means it can only get better. We shall see.


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