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Can Horror Icons Help Me Now?

They are fine, yes.

I thought perhaps some famous scary guys could cheer us up a bit. It is time to make my Lame Post Friday post, and I confess, I don’t got much. My sister Vicki tagged me when she shared this picture on Facebook recently. I spent New Year’s Eve watching Vincent Price, but I have not seen Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing in a long time. I need to add to my DVD collection.

Ooh, look, here are more!

I went to my Media Library for more illustration and found this. I guess this is a Horror Icon Post.

I can’t pick!

This is not the picture I was looking for, but I think it fits in with the theme. I wonder if there is a way to organize my Media Library. Well, I can’t worry about that now.

Here it is!

I think this was worth scrolling through the Library twice. I’m afraid this is also a Tired Friday Post, because I am going to stop short of my usual 200 word goal. I hope my readers will forgive me, and tune in tomorrow, for whatever kind of a Saturday Post it turns out to be.


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