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My Blogging Days Are Numbered

I started to make a nice post plugging a Mohawk Valley business. I started it on my phone, because that is what I had with me to take pictures. However, it is not so easy to post from the phone, so I switched back to the Tablet.

Now, when I go to edit a saved draft, I have the option to use Classic Editor. I am delighted to take this option, because I have never found the Block Editor to be the least bit user friendly.

Well, now the Classic Editor is not working properly. When I try to type in a paragraph after a photo, it indents to the edge of the photo. I cannot figure out how to correct it.

So I say, “Fine! I’ll use the stupid Block Editor!”

Only now it seems since I committed the sin of trying to use Classic Editor, now I cannot continue with this post in Block Editor. Everything is messed up!

I can’t help thinking that this is how WordPress is punishing me for continuing with a free site instead of paying them money every month. There used to be a way to email them with questions, but I cannot find it now.

So this is my Tired Tuesday Post, ranting about how it is no longer easy to blog for free. Do my lovely readers have any suggestions?


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  1. Paul Danger Jadlos

    Yeah. Stop being a sissy. Buck up. You got this!

  2. I only use a computer for WP so I’m sorry that I can’t give advice on a table or phone. I don’t have any trouble with block editor so far on my computer although it is a bit clunky to use, I think. I hope you can get it figured out!


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