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At least I Put a Title on This One

I just realized I never put a title on yesterday’s post. What was that all about? I was trying to think of one then took a break to add categories and tags, and apparently I just forgot. What a silly head.

Regarding my vow to write better blog posts, I am not doing so well. I started to write something while at work but left the notebook it was in at work.

I put my cell phone in my pocket while I walked home, thinking I could get some snowy pictures for a Pedestrian Post. Unfortunately, it was a little too snowy. We had some semblance of a blizzard (nothing too bad for Central New York). The wind blew sharp, cold flakes into my face and eyes (note to self: wear a scarf) (even if it didn’t help so much when I was running). Additionally, I was afraid all that snow would get my phone wet.

So I guess this is another dull little post about the difficulties of daily blogging. But I am determined to do better. I have had these stretches before: one foolish post after another. Then I do better. I can and shall do better.

In the meantime, I am going to call this a Tired Tuesday Post and drive on. I hope my local readers (and anyone else who needs to) is staying warm.


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