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Apropos Snow on Tired Tuesday

I’m afraid all I can manage today is a Tired Tuesday Post. I had a rather heinous day at work, but this is not a work blog, so I will not go on about that. In fact, already I’ve said too much.

A little snow to cool us off.

I throw in a picture to pep things up. This was taken a while ago, but today was a snowy day, so I feel it is apropos.

Isn’t he cute?

I snapped the snowman in a neighborhood yard back in November. It feels like years ago. I would like to build a snowman. Perhaps if it is warm enough, but not too warm, this weekend. Then again, I won’t mind if it is too warm, because I am quite looking forward to spring.

Here’s a cheery trio!

Here is a picture taken in December that cheers me up. It is good to be cheered up on a Tuesday.

I think it is even bigger now.

And here is a shot of Frankentree from December 2019. We have roughly the same amount of snow currently. This is getting to be a meandering kind of post. If Tuesday counts as mid-week, I could call this Mid-week Mental Meanderings. I have not used that category in a while.

But is Tuesday really mid-week? That question might keep me up tonight. What a terrible situation on Tired Tuesday.


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