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Everything’s Coming Up Rose

I am tired. I have been tired all week. But I must not complain about these things. I want to make a silly blog post.

I didn’t see him at Happy Hour.

I am relieved it is Friday. Weeks are funny to me. For four days, I feel Friday will never get here. Then I think, “Wow, that week went fast!” What the hell, me?

Red or white? It’s Friday night!

I just looked through my Media Library till I found a picture with wine. In fact, I am drinking neither red nor white but rose. Unfortunately, unlike other glasses of wine, it is not making me feel fresh as a nosegay.

I hope to revive myself with a good night’s sleep. I have a lot to get done on Saturday. Perhaps I will write a blog post about it. But no promises.

After a heinous week.

I’m afraid this is a dull post, but I leave you with a good thought, courtesy Bill and Ted. Here is how tired I am. I first wrote “Ted and Bill.” Then I thought, “That’s not right.” But I felt sure those were their names. I had to do a Facebook search for “excellent adventure.”

At least I have gotten to 200 words. I hope you are having a lovely Friday.


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  1. how very weird, I just had a Bill and Ted’s posting a few minutes ago…

    • Maybe they will be in a Super Bowl ad, like Wayne and Garth.

      • Though I loved Bill and Ted (they did another one just recently as parents – the most excellent adventure or something. I want to see it, probably terrible…but still…and though I enjoyed this humor – I COULD NOT STAND Wayne’s World. I Like Mike Myers other characters in later films, but those guys I thought were lame and not funny at all. I recall my boyfriend taking me to the movies to see it. Ugh. He thought it was hilarious.

      • Yeah, I wasn’t nuts about Wayne and Garth. I forgot about the new Bill and Ted movie. I’d like to see it.

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