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The Plan Fails

I am having a difficult time writing lately. I guess I have said that before. How embarrassing to keep repeating myself. I KNOW the usual advice is Just Write. Sorry, friends, but sometimes that advice just does not work for me.

I usually have the plan to write on my break and lunch at work. In pursuit of that end, I did not put a book or any puzzles in my bag. I am especially fond of anacrostics and cryptogtams; I had to discipline myself to do this blog post before picking one up before making this blog post. All I had to amuse myself on break was a notebook. I would have to write!

As it happened, I could not even write a letter (by my rules for me, any writing counts). I tried. I slogged out a few paragraphs. It sucked. After staring I to space for a few minutes, during which time my brain could not settle on a thought, I turned a page in my notebook and wrote the following:

OK, I am trying to write and very few words are forthcoming. I think I will not put my puzzle book in my bag so I will HAVE to write, but apparently that trick does not work. And it is all very well to say, “Just make yourself do it.” I can’t make words magically appear in my head and then come out my pen. It is very discouraging, and quite the waste of time.

So I guess this is my whiny Tired Tuesday Post about not being able to write a blog post. I think I will make a new plan to first find something to write about. Maybe I could come up with a list. In the meantime, maybe a nice cryptogram puzzle.


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  1. Honestly, that was still a great Post. Don’t give up.

  2. If you are on FB and interested in old movies look up “Friends of Mabel Film Fans of Utica NY” and explain that I sent this note and I will let you in. For a number of years we have run a summer backyard movie event for 15-30+ people all ages, friends and neighbors from the Mohawk Valley. It is groups who helps set it up and enjoys the whole concept, even some costumes to fit the theme occasionally.


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