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Relax! It’s Tired Tuesday!

I don’t know why I thought I might not have a Tired Tuesday Post. I went to work, I came home. How much chance did I have for any Mohawks Valley Adventures? I guess I did not expect to be SO tired. And yet here I am.

Does he look comfy?

I searched my Media Library for an image depicting tired. The best I could find was this skeleton that looks like he’s lounging in a hammock. Kind of sort of.

I would like to go upstairs and do a bit of lounging myself, but I’d like to finish some semblance of a blog post first. I wonder what else I can find in my Media Library.

Here’s some leisure wear!

I figured I could find a picture of my feet relaxing. I guess this is not the most seasonal shot, but it will have to do. Alas, I am too tired to search for more shots.

Things are getting quite discouraging for me. Am I really too tired for these things? Or too lazy? Is it perhaps time for me to admit that this whole writing idea has been a mere fantasy all this time? That I don’t really have what it takes? SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!

Oh, don’t listen to me whine (a Freudian slip: at first I spelled it “wine”). I get this way sometimes. I will probably feel better tomorrow, and I will once again put pen to paper. Or stylus to Tablet, as the case may be. Happy Tuesday, everyone.


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  1. Santa slippers are always appropriate. After all, “He sees you when you’re sleeping…”

    • They are fun, but I try to save them for the season. For one reason, when I walk around they make a jingly noise, which is amusing at first but could get on your nerves after a while.


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