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Pre-Coffee Post

So I enjoyed that Saturday I was contemplating on Lame Post Friday but never got around to making my blog post. Judge me if you are so inclined. Now I sit here early Sunday morning and all I want is coffee.

It’s always a good time for vampires!

Later in the day we watched Mark of the Vampire, starring Lionel Barrymore and Bela Lugosi (no, really, they are billed in that order), which I DVR’d off TCM last October. We also enjoyed a couple other cinema selections.

I love this guy.

We have many episodes of Svengoolie queued (is that really how you spell it? I guessed and trusted autocorrect). I hope to watch another episode today.

I’m afraid this is kind of a lame late Saturday Post, but it will have to do. Later on I may make a post about our coffee maker woes, but I feel that will only be possible after I actually have a cup of coffee.


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