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Late Post, Good Dinner

I had a different title in min but decided the above would emphasize the yummy meal we had last night while still acknowledging I am making my Friday blog post Saturday morning.

Yesterday I went straight from work to Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Herkimer, NY. My current place of employment is such handy walking distance from the place, I have been wanting to do that on a Friday since day one. Since I put in my two-week notice (long story, not very interesting), I thought we had better do it.

I spent the last half hour at work singing a song I made up as I went along. It was kind of a croony tune and prominently featured the word “Chardonnay.” I left work a few minutes late so called Steven on his cell so he could have the Chardonnay waiting for me.

Steven enjoyed a little Chardonnay himself.

All day I had been thinking about the broiled haddock served in a white wine lemon butter glaze with a side of pasta.

“Only I don’t want tomato sauce on the pasta. I want the sauce they put on the fish,” I said.

“I’ll let you order first and say I’ll have the same,” Steve said. We followed that plan and enjoyed a delicious meal.

I’m getting hungry again!

Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Restaurant is located at 650 1/2 German St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-2600. They are open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to p.m. Friday, closed Sunday. They also deliver!


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  1. That sounds delicious. I don’t like tomato sauce on my pasta at all.


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