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I Need a Little Nosferatu

Hello, and welcome to another Monstrous Monday Post. I am feeling marginally less tired than I felt last Monday. However, I am still tired and a little down, and I want a few creepy crawlies to cheer myself up. If only I knew how to easily maneuver my Media Library to find my pictures of Nosteratu! I hate to find them anew on the internet and have them in the Media Library twice.

It’s no use. I can only scroll, and it moves more and more slowly. I got as far back as July 2020 and no Nosferatu. Damn!

He’s scary!

I went to Facebook and found a new (to my blog) picture of my favorite.

OK, one more.

Look how comfortable he looks! I should go upstairs and lie down. But first I must finish my blog post. I think one more monster picture ought to do it.

Not so scary.

This is an alligator (or maybe a crocodile) (depending on if I will see him later or in a while) made with a chain saw. My sister Vicki got him for me from Knoeble’s, an amusement park near where she lives in Pennsylvania. Quite a different kind of monster from Nosferatu but I find him equally cheering.

Also cheering is noticing I am over 200 words. Regular readers know I call that respectable. Happy Monday, everyone.


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  1. I wondered what that was. The wheels threw me.


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