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What Excuse Shall I Use This Time?

I guess late blog posts are just going to be a thing with me. And here is another discouraging thing: I seem to be losing my knack for ten-fingered typing. SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!!!

I thought this week was going to be so great, blogwise. I was going to take the various things I did on Scattered Saturday and write full blog posts about each. I have done this in the past with great success. This week, not so much. So do one now, a logical voice in my head tells me (ooh! ooh! a voice in my head that is not putting me down! This is amazing!). Well, now I am on my laptop, and my pictures are all on my Tablet. I cannot overcome such obstacles before coffee.

So here I am, hoping to babble on for a few paragraphs and be sufficiently entertaining to call it a blog post. What, I must ask once again, is my problem? I can write every day. Some weeks I do write every day. I love to write! Sometimes it is easy. Sometimes not so much. Guess which kind of time I am having today.

The best thing to do with a foolish post like this is to keep it short. We’ll call this a check-in with my readers. Yes, I am still calling myself a daily blogger. As always, I will try for a better blog post next time. Also as always, no promises.


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