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No Lame Apologies

Last night I made a conscious decision not to make a blog post. I will not iterate my reasons, because that would smack of an apology, and I do not want to make a lie out of my headline. However, I feel bad to entirely miss a day, so here I am, pre-dawn (my usual rising time, even on a weekend), pecking away at my Tablet with the stylus.

I feel very comfy, lounged on the couch. I managed to find a position where my lower back doesn’t hurt. I tell you truth: getting old isn’t for sissies. But never mind my aches and pains, on with the blog post.

Today I have an authentic Mohawk Valley Adventure planned with my friend, Kim. We are going to the H.A.L.O. Indoor Flea Market at the Ilion-Frankfort VFW. There will be basket raffles, a 50/50, and a bake sale. It runs from 10 to 4.

Kim wants to get there right when it starts. That would be nice, because the parking lot at the VFW fills up fast at these events. However, I personally am skeptical of her ability to get moving that early; Kim likes to sleep in on a Saturday. No matter. Whatever time we go, we will have a good time.

Well, I guess this was not a traditional Lame Post Friday Post, since I plugged a local event. But if I change my headline, my first paragraph will make no sense. Oh the tribulations of a silly blogger! I need more coffee.


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