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A Truly Crappy Day

On the brighter side, I learned how to use an augur.

Yesterday went right down the toilet, figuratively and literally. Steven and I began the day with a clogged toilet. I was plunged into despair.

My new job has been aggravating the tennis elbow in my right arm and creating one in my left. I have been icing and ibuprofening, which seems to help. Yesterday I woke up wanting to ice but first spent some time plunging, which did not help the muscles. I iced and plunged, iced and plunged, to no avail.

Steven had no better luck during the day. I stopped at Ilion True Value Hardware Store (I drive through Ilion on my way to and from work). I studied the stuff you pour into toilets and looked at augurs and snakes. Most of the pour-in stuff say to not use them in toilets. Rats! I found some that did not say that and brought that and the augur I liked best to the cash register.

The nice lady there told me it is really not recommended to pour stuff into toilets, except for this certain stuff which she showed me. I realized I probably did not need to aug and pour, so decided to only get the augur, a decision the lady agreed with.

So I went home and auged (yes, autocorrect, I realize “aug” and “auged” are not words, but what else do you do with an augur?). It took a couple of tries, but at last I met with success.

After that disgusting experience, I was too tired to make a blog post. So here is my Tired Tuesday, prior to six on Wednesday morning. Judge me if you are so inclined.


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  1. Wishing you a better tomorrow 🙏🏻😅🙏🏻


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