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More Pics from the Sunday Stroll

This is part two of my Sunday Stroll, to use the pictures I took with my Tablet, because waste not, want not. After mailing the card to my friend (the reason for the walk, for those of you just tuning in), I continued up Prospect Sreet, where I saw some lovely dark clouds.

I also tried to get the trees.
I like this one even better,

The sun was shining in the sky behind me, as you can tell by the brightness.

A better sky shot.
A good tree and sky shot.

I shared two of these pictures on the WKTV Facebook page. Jill Reale shared one on the morning news cast. That is always fun for me. Bill Kardas shared one on Facebook, saying the clouds were asperatus clouds, which look threatening but only bring scattered showers. So I feel recognized by the WKTV weather crew.

Reaching German Street, I walked past my street to Trinity Lutheran Church, so I could get a shot of their flowers, which I had noticed on my morning run.

Now those are some daffodils!
I wish I had zoomed in more.

I enjoyed my little walk, and I love seeing signs of spring!


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