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A Little Wine on Scattered Saturday

Just a fast Scattered Saturday post, although I did not do a whole lot. I went for a run this morning. I wrote a couple of post cards. I washed my sheets and hung them out on the clothesline.

the highlight of the day was a trip to Ironrock Brewing in Little Falls with my friend Kim.

Best seat in the house.

They do not have outdoor seating yet, but we had the next best thing, sitting next to the open door. We enjoyed a little wine and a lot of laughs.

Just to re-emphasize where we were.

One annoying thing came up. It seems a mutual acquaintance made a catty remark about how there are always pictures of Kim drinking in Mohawk Valley Living magazine. As if Kim spends a preponderance of her time hanging out sipping wine! For heaven’s sake, can’t we have a little wine on a weekend without being lushes? I guess not, in some people’s opinions.

But, really, I write one or two articles per month for the magazine. They print three or four of the photos I submit. One need not spend a whole lot of time raising wine glasses to have pictures of it appear in print.

Oh dear. I just remembered one of the questions in those Are You an Alcoholic? quizzes is Do you get defensive about your drinking? Was I being defensive? Points to ponder.

In the meantime, I’m over 200 words. Happy Saturday, everyone!


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  1. Some people can’t seem to keep their yap shut. They seem to get off on putting a dent in someone’s day for what’s don’t know.
    We love your pictures. We love you. We love Kim. We love Steve. The goofball is probably jealous like me that we can’t come with you.


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